Nonrenewable energy sources

why is fossil fuels non renewable

In the category of nonrenewable sources of energy we are going to focus on fossil fuels. Hence we need to have a prior knowledge about fossils. They are remains of fauna and flora over a long period of time which decays inform of organic matter that is mineralized to get some products. Hence termed as fossil fuels.
Therefore to venture into the discussion deeply we get to understand that they take millions of years to form as a result of marine creatures which decay under intense pressure and heat. Hence results of these are fossil fuels that are beneficial.
The products are petroleum, coal and even natural gas from the fossils. Mainly carbon being the core element of the fossils. Noted that the fossils fuels are found in limited supply in that they are not available in all places but in a few specific areas.
The earth was covered largely by seas and swamps in millions years ago where plants, algae and plankton died and decayed in that they are organic in which they stored energy hence the rise of fossil fuels which are excavated today.
Coal, crude oil and natural gas were formed as buried plants and animals decayed to form them. Therefore they resulted from there as the immense heat and pressure were involved in the breakdown of the organic matter to produce some of the by products.
In conclusion is that in the process of discovery, the fossils it created job opportunities and increasing the economy of many nations not forgetting that all fossil fuels are nonrenewable but not all nonrenewable energy sources are fossil fuels like uranium ore.